Hi, I'm Lindsey - CEO of Permanently Profitable Business Academy!

A few years ago, I began following someone on Instagram who started creating Online Courses.

She was fully transparent and shared that she had made $12,000 overnight during her first launch - and
naturally, I was fascinated by her success.

I decided it was time for me to stop making excuses. I knew I had ideas and passions, but I had let fear keep me from trying something new for far too long.

I jumped in and began researching course creation, spent time creating and finally launched my very first course in February 2021.

The next morning, I saw that I had nearly TRIPLED in one night what my inspiration had profited for her launch.

I woke up to $42,523.56 in my bank account in ONE DAY.

And in less than two years, I have profited over $400,000 from online courses ALONE - with no paid marketing.

And now I have seen and experienced the potential and I want to teach you how!

In less than one year, we had enough passive income and time-freedom from my online course to:

  1. Retire my husband from his career which allows him to find something he truly loves to do. For now, he stays home with our boys. :)

  2. Move across the country to buy a home in our dream city.

  3. Attend every event, activity and field trip with our kids because we both work from home for only a few hours a week on our own schedule.

  4. Change our quality of life so that financial freedom, time freedom and joy became the foundation of our lives.

Nearly every. single. morning, I wake up to an increase in my bank account with anything from $1,000 - $20,000. This is not the exception, this is the rule.

Take a moment to think about how your life could change with that type of income.

⁣I want to see you live out your purpose and use the gifts God has given you:

To make a generational impact for the sake of your
children's futures. To breathe (much) easier when bills come in. To spend more time with the people you love.

Let's do this together!

This is a 14 BILLION dollar industry. There's nothing special about my situation.

I waited because I didn't think I could succeed. And now I just wish I could go back and start sooner.

I realized that I was just making excuses because I was afraid of failure. But there is absolutely no way to succeed if you don't ever try!

People who pay, pay attention. Are you ready to invest in yourself?

My Fool-Proof Business Academy courses include over FIFTY sections of information about creating REAL income through IG, TikTok, Pinterest, Blogging, Email Lists and Creating and Launching a profitable course from start-to-finish.

It’s time for you to scale up. It’s time for you to elevate your business!

I will help you find your EXACT niche, your ideal audience and teach you how to serve them well and create *huge* profit with your knowledge.

I will lead the way in helping you as we walk step-by-step through utilizing your platforms in ways that serve your audience AND serve you.

So How Much Does It Cost?


When you enroll TODAY, you simply click your membership link and get started right away. You will have hands-on-help from me from start to finish.

This investment in yourself and your
business includes:

  • My TWO Fool-Proof Business Blueprint Courses:
    The Profitable Social Media Marketing Academy and The Online Course Creation Academy (value $2,294)

  • SIX 1-on-1 personalized Business Strategy Sessions with Lindsey
    ($4000 value)

  • Daily access to Lindsey for business questions via the Voxer app

  • A 50+ Page Game-Changing Business Workbook to Level Up Your
    Success (value $850)

  • My Top 20 Influencer Websites So You Can Begin Working with Brands Right Away ($150)

  • Your Personal Guide to Passive Income Streams through Social Media
    (value $225)

  • Podcast Pitch Template to Get You In Front of Big Audiences Quickly
    (value $125)

  • Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Plan for Building Your Email List
    (value: $275)

  • 10 Hype Marketing Strategies for Successful, Profitable Launches ($215)

  • A Guide to Creating and Recording Your Course for Greatest Success 
    (value $240)