The Online Course Creation Academy Curriculum

  Module 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success
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days after you enroll
  Module 2: Picking the Perfect Course Topic and Finding Your People
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days after you enroll
  Module 3: Successfully Creating Your Online Course + Growing a Waitlist of Excited People
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  Module 4: Building Your School From the Ground Up: Recording, Editing, Uploading
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  Module 5: IT'S LAUNCH TIME!! : How to Launch and Market Your Course for the Greatest Profit and Impact
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  You Did It!
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  How-To's | Video Examples and Tech Stuff Made Easy
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“I had an idea for a life coaching course that sat idle in my heart for months & I knew I needed to bring the course to life.

I connected with Lindsey and have been so blessed, inspired and motivated by her wisdom and fresh perspective.

Not only was I able to create and launch my own course, Lindsey also helped me grow my following through her social media strategies. My audience grew by leaps and bounds.

I’m so grateful for Lindsey’s insights and mentorship. It renewed my passion and mission of helping women grow in wisdom!"

-Katie Hedrick

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

A few years ago, I began following someone on Instagram who started creating Online Courses.

She was fully transparent and shared that she had made $12,000 overnight during her first launch - and naturally, I was fascinated by her success.

After much time and energy, I launched my first course in Feb 2021!

And the next morning I burst into tears when I saw that I had nearly TRIPLED in one night what my inspiration had profited for her launch.

I woke up to $42,523.56 the next morning

(I honestly still can't believe it.)

I want to tell you that I'm not special.

But I have seen it and experienced it and I want to teach you how!

There is nothing special about my experience, it isn't too late to start (TikTok and IG Reels changed the game) and I will be handing you ALL of the tools to succeed!

I want YOU to work when you want, where you want (ideally from brunch or vacation!), how often you want and without ever having to answer to anyone else again.

I want YOU to find and live out the purpose and gift that God has called you to.

I want YOU to share your voice and your passion and change lives through your platform.

I want YOU to get over that life-draining impostor syndrome and do exactly what makes you feel accomplished.

Prices increase after just a few days, don't miss out on this opportunity!

And remember: nobody else can do it for you, it's time that you get to do something for yourself!

At the end of The Course Creation Academy, you will have:

  • A set niche, focus and purpose written down for your course  
  • Your entire course structure completed and fully organized
  • A complete, custom Marketing Plan that will bring in the maximum amount of customers BEFORE you launch
  • The sites and hardware I use to record my courses
  • My secret email strategy that changes the game (every.single.time!)
  • And so, so much more!